dṛkō pṛəmistos: Proto-Indo European Encyclopædia: Administrators

In English: If a bureacrat or administrator believes that you have a good reason to become an administrator, they will open a new subpage where users can leave comments and a vote will be taken, copy the example and use it for your request. Make sure it is below the previous request and make sure you sign each request eith four tildes (~~~~). When a debate has been resolved add a tick (✔) to the username to confirm it. teue kupjōm qui h1és-ti pṛ administratorem skreibhas:

Format your request for adminship like this:


<<Username goes here>>

<<Reason(s) for requesting adminship presented by the user go here.>>

<<Final outcome goes here (sysops only)>>

Add line below case to designate area for next case. e.g. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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