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Hi there! My name is Chris and I am a train enthusiast. I am also interested in geography, ICT and cartography. I am also fascinated by other forms of transport so feel free to drop a comment if you are interested/affiliated with these. My aim is to become an administrator of Wikipedia. To leave a comment follow the link either at the bottom-right or left corner of your screen or the link in the Navigation Box above. I am also an administrator on this wikipedia.


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Hello this is the page for any autographs anyone wishes to add; if you happen to stumble upon this page please give me your autograph in this structure following the example as carefully as possible. Any comments or extra additions should be placed between the "#" sign and the four tildes.


Please sign your autograph below this paragraph; do it by putting the "#" sign and the four tildes (~~~~) above the </div> sign. This is just a way to say goodbye after visiting my little space in the Wikiworld.

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Software I am interested in/recommend

I recommend paint.net for drawing maps and cartography it is amazing just follow the link Price:FREE

For basic and advanced HTML editing I recommend Notepad++, again just click the link Price:FREE

For multilingual people working on a computer with over 60000 characters in all different languages I recommend Code 2000 Price:£5.00 (optional to pay)

More will come soon thanks...

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